Fitness Blender Review

fit-logoheroThanks (once again) to my good friend Britt over at Eating Bird Food, I was introduced to Fitness Blender. I mentioned it to some friends, and most people had already heard of it (thanks A LOT, friends). But right when I began watching some of their intro videos to get a “feel” for what type of workout program this might be, I was immediately won over by a couple things.

  1.  Daniel and Kelli. They’re funny and cute. And they workout together (or so it seems) like David and I try to do. Having a male/female duo helps when you workout with your spouse/partner so you don’t feel like the workout is really geared towards one gender.
  2. Daniel and Kelli. They’re super fit. So that helps.
  3. And they’re Instagram/You Tube videos sometimes include their dog, Loki, which I love.
  4. They’re really into no-guilt/no body-shaming/no weird fads, which I appreciate. Like you can’t even give yourself a hard time after a holiday binge. Sure, you ate too much. Most people do. And chances are, you didn’t gain 5 lbs. You feel gross and bloated–probably from wayyy too much sodium and sugar, so drink a ton of water, and start back on your healthy plan tomorrow. No shame.
  5. Like most fitness programs, they recommend eating clean and green. So basically staying off of the “inside aisles” at the grocery store (avoiding processed crap), and instead shopping the perimeter where the tend to keep the “whole” foods. And the wine. Oh wait, that’s my rule.
  6. OH YEAH! You can find all of their routines online FREE! That should have been #1.

So yeah, I did some research after Britt told me about Fitness Blender and being able to easily search for a Yoga Routine, a “Butt Routine”, a HIIT workout, a good stretching routine, or pretty much whatever you want. So they definitely have that going for them if you want FREE online workouts. But I also began researching their “plans”. And they’ve got 5 different 8 week plans that you can buy the PDF of ($10), so I thought I’d give one a try.

We are a little over 2 weeks into the first program and here are my thoughts.

  1. This has been a great way to get a little “routine” back into my day, particularly since we recently moved.
  2. I’ve really enjoyed about 95% of the workouts. David and I are both relatively fit (can always be stronger), but about 5% have been too easy. They offer ways to modify to make it harder, and we do that, but there was one day in particular that I was like…really, that was a workout? Sweet! (because it was weirdly easy).
  3. Love Daniel and Kelli. They feel like real people who happen to be really great at fitness things, as opposed to fitness people who are crazy fitness fanatics.
  4. The PDF we got was for 8 weeks, and we’ve done just over 2. So I should have more updates later. But right now, I love having a specific plan laid out for me to do at home. No questions. No…”what should I do today?”, so that’s nice.
  5. We need a bigger living room. Not Fitness Blender’s fault, but at home workouts can be a challenge when you have a small house. It’s worth it though, because we don’t pay for a gym. #makeitwork

So overall, if you’re in need of a new FREE (or Low Cost if you want to buy a specific plan) workout program that you can do at home or on the road, I’d totally recommend this. We are really enjoying it right now. This is the one we’re doing (click on image).


So if you’ve done their workouts before, let me know what you think in the comments.

And if you aren’t sure you know where to start, I’d suggest their 5 day plan (you’ll see them listed like day one, day two…etc.). It’s free and it was what we did before we paid $10 for an 8 week plan. It was fun, and hard!

(all images are via You can also check out Fitness Blender on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and mostly, YouTube.

I’m Back

typeface undo.doHey everyone. Please excuse the absence. I’ve taken some time away to spend some time with people I love, and that’s that. Sometimes unplugging is good. And healthy. And disorienting. I haven’t read a blog or spent much time on social media lately. And while it feels a little weird and “out of touch”, it also feels great. I smooched my dog more, hugged my husband more, ate tons of meals with my family, read 2 books, and have been making progress on the job front. So, there is something to be said about not having cable tv, and not using the internet very often.

There was a part of me during that time away, that said, “you haven’t been writing much, are you done with the blog?” And right now, that answer is no. This is my sharing place, for what it’s worth. I don’t know what I’ll continue to write about, or how often I’ll write, but I like doing it. And so I’ll do it. I love this little space I’ve created to share with folks. And it’s not like this is my job-job, so I have the ability to put it down for a minute, and then come back to it, without penalty (or loss of income or something). So all that to say, I’ve been gone. Yep. And it was nice to be away, no offense to you lovely folks. And then I missed this, and you lovely folks. So I’m back.

I’ve got some upcoming posts planned, and fall always inspires me, so I can’t wait for it to get here already so I keep the content coming for ya. Don’t get me wrong, I love summer too, but the transition out of summer to fall is the best. Favorite season: fall.  Crisp air and long sleeves. Yep. Can’t wait for that. Plus fall in the south is something everyone should experience.

How to: Make a Perfect Cheese Plate

Since it’s one of my favorite foods (duh), I figured we should do a little round up of some great cheese plates. There are certain things that make a great cheese plate in my opinion, and it goes beyond the cheese selection. So here’s what I think a cheese plate needs to have:

Cheese Plate Essentials:

  • 2 or more cheese with a variety of sharpness and hardness. So not all stinky cheese, and not all mild. And not all brie, and not all parmesan. Mix it up, people are particular about their cheese.
  • Fruit(s) that pair well with cheese. I like berries, figs, and apples. (Apples can double as a cracker).
  • More than one type of cracker. Gluten free is a safe bet now as well. And I like nutty/seedy crackers.
  • Compote of some sort. I like pepper jelly and cream cheese (who doesn’t). It’s a nice “wildcard” on the cheese plate.
  • I like to throw in some other wildcards, like olives or cornichons. Ooh, or pickled anything (okra is great). It’s a nice tidbit to nibble on in addition to cheese.
  • Nuts. A great addition for folks who don’t want carbs (crackers), and maybe for people who don’t even want cheese. Plus it’s a great CRUNCH factor.

So I’ll start with this pretty one that I made for ladies night a few weeks ago. All the essentials. Yum.cheese plate

And here’s another lovely cheese plate via The Party Dresscheese plate 1Is that mozzarella on the bottom right? What is that? I WANT IT.

Moving on to another lovely cheese plate, via Honestly YUM. cheese platter 2Being a vegetarian, I’m a fan of meat on another plate, just so there is no touching of the meat to the cheese, but I’d probably still eat all the cheese surrounding the meat. Who am I kidding.

Any other cheese plate tips to share? Let me know in the comments!