Bathroom Update: Before and After

As most of y’all know, I love to move into new houses. As renters, there is only so much DIY and fixing  up you can do, but painting and changing a few things can make a HUGE difference, and it is relatively cheap.

And since it is the first room that is really “ready” to reveal, I’ll start with sharing our bathroom. In case you didn’t see the new house tour video (BATHROOM AROUND 2:20), the bathroom was a quick update that was VERY high on the list. Bathrooms are important for many reasons, but lighting in there is really key. And it was painted yellowish orange, and had an orange focal wall (if you can even call it that) that didn’t do anyone any favors. Plus I like bathrooms that are clean and fresh feeling. And this felt like I was inside a cave. Filled with grossness. So we knew all that had to go. Let’s see. bathroom before and after

Here are more before pics (all stuff pictured is previous renters stuff by the way. So don’t ask “where’d you get that bird shower curtain–cuz it’s not mine. And I wouldn’t buy it anyways).IMG_0276 IMG_0277 IMG_0603Oh, and I’m not a huge fan of the tile in there (floor or shower) but you know, we’re renters. So I’d seen via Young House Love that it’ll make a small bathroom feel bigger if you buy and hang an extra long shower curtain (bar up high also feels more hotel-ish, therefore more luxurious), so that’s what we did. And I do think it makes the bathroom look like it has higher ceilings, so that’s cool. That shower window brings in nice light, so sometimes we keep the curtain pulled to the side anyways (unless we have company).

Another quick fix we did? Replaced the shower head with a removable one. If anyone else has a 65lb dog, you know that bath-time can take a long time if you’re trying to dump large cups of water on the dog repeatedly. So in our last house, we learned that dog baths were 100x easier with a removable shower head, so we replaced the one provided for us with this one (that we’ll eventually take with us).



DSC_0053 DSC_0051 DSC_0059 DSC_0057 DSC_0056 DSC_0044Sorry these pics are dark (it’s a bathroom after all), but you guys hopefully get the idea. We brightened up the paint with a really light grey, and brought in some art and little details to make everything a little more cohesive and serene. Again, we only changed what we could, but it feels a whole lot brighter in there.

Here’s the before and after again, in case you don’t want to scroll all the way up again. bathroom before and afterNeed sources for anything? Let me know!! Hope y’all enjoy one of the first new house before and afters!

Thoughts on: Moving

This isn’t going to be a how-to or informative post per se. It’s really just using the blog to share some personal thoughts because sometimes when I share things here, I get motivated to make changes in non-blog (aka, real life) world. So this is simply my personal words and thoughts about moving and the changes we’re going through. That’s it :)

EASTER 2014 PICDavid and I have both been talking with friends about how a move can really toss a lot of things up in the air–mainly routines that you have established. We are “routine” kind of people, and with occasional snippets of spontaneity (“let’s go out of town this weekend”), we like our routines and tend to do well in them.

Moving though has changed a lot of that–which I am sure will all settle down once we get “settled” more, but for now…not so much. Examples: Colonel Mustard still seems a little out of sorts–probably because I keep moving his food bowl and his bed as I rearrange furniture. I also keep walking “the long way” through the new house to only get into the next room because I haven’t learned the best routes through the new place. We don’t have many groceries since we’ve been traveling a lot, so meals are out of their “normal” line up. Oh…and our workouts…have…really…slowed…down. We are both the people that pretty much lived by “do something each day”. So David was pretty religiously (no pun intended) doing T25, and while I follow a few different routines (Tone It Up, Pumps and Iron, yoga classes, running), all we’ve been doing lately is walking the dog. WHICH IS GREAT for him and us. But it’s not feeling like enough.

So what advice to folks have, other than, set-down-the-computer-ya-nerd-and-go-on-a-run? And I’m sure, once we begin to really settle, this stuff will work itself out, as it tends to do. So maybe the answer is “get a job”, since that forces things to get back in order (i.e. bedtimes, meal planning, etc.). But until that happens, what do y’all think? What helps you when you transition? What helps your pets? Let me know!

Moving Announcement Cards

Let’s look at pretty things, okay? While I don’t think we’d do these type cards until we BUY a house and want people to have our address, these new address announcements have really caught my eye. I really like the Minted ones (and they have a TON more that I like). And I always love Rifle Paper Co..
moving announcement etsyHere via Etsy

weve-moved-postcard-02_1 rifle paper coHere via Rifle Paper Co. 

home sweet homeHere via Etsy

new casaHere via Etsy

color us happy.Here via Minted

home sweet homeHere via Minted

What do y’all think? Which are your favorites?